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Fiona Fleur is a British brand based in the heart of London. The ethos of Fiona Fleur is to create bespoke florals for every client with a personalised approach to each design.
Fiona Fleur started in 2019 and opened two Floral Studios during the pandemic in Covent Garden and Mayfair along with a charity initiative to support key workers. At just over two years old Fiona Fleur is the youngest brand to have ever had a studio in Burlington Arcade. As a female founded business, Fiona Fleur supports and encourages women in business along with changing careers to pursue floral design.
The founder Fiona prides the business on being able to offer these opportunities and a creative outlet without extensive training in floristry. Instead looking at the individual's personality and passion. Fiona who designs the arrangements has had no floral training and takes inspiration from nature, creating artistic and sculptural designs unique to the individual and or brand.

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